Date Speaker Topic / Bible reading
11-09-2022Auke Rienstra1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 Series
‘Let God’s future shape your presence’ #2
04-09-2022Gilbert van Bueren1 Thessalonians 1
Let God’s future shape your present #1
28-08-2022Willem de MeerMatthew 19:16-30
The money mentality vs. the Kingdom mentality
21-08-2022Gilbert van BuerenMini series ‘Intimacy with God’ #3
Psalm 139 ‘Intimacy with God – the female approach’
14-08-2022Auke RienstraMatthew 22:1-15
07-08-2022Gilbert van BuerenMini series ‘Intimacy with God’ #2
James 2:14-24 ‘Intimacy with God – the male approach’
31-07-2022Auke RienstraLuke 7:36-50
24-07-2022Gilbert van BuerenMini series ‘Intimacy with God’ #1
John 1:14-18 ‘God’s intimacy with us’
17-07-2022Trey WellsJames 1:1-8
10-07-2022Richmond OforiLuke 7:36-50 and 2 Corinthians 5:17
‘The Gratefulness of a Sinful Woman’
03-07-2022Gilbert van BuerenNumbers 21:1-9 and John 3:13-16
‘The way to up is down’
26-06-2022Elmer ArentsenJesus is the One: Forsaken & pierced
Psalm 22:1-31 – Matthew 27:32-44
19-06-2022Auke RienstraJesus is the One: Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver
Zechariah 11:12-13 and Matthew 27:1-10
12-06-2022Willem de MeerJesus is the One: the Light of the world
Isaiah 9:1-2 and John 1:1-14
05-06-2022Gilbert van BuerenReceiving the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete
John 14:15-27
29-05-2022Gilbert van BuerenJesus is the One: the rejected Cornerstone
Psalm 118:22-24 and Mark 12:1-12
22-05-2022Andrew GardnerNo spirit – No life
John 3:1-16
15-05-2022Tim FaulknerJesus is the One: Called out of Egypt
Hosea 11:1 and Matthew 2:13-18
08-05-2022Gilbert van BuerenJesus is the One: The Healer
Matthew 11:2-5
01-05-2022Trey WellsJesus is the One: Born of a virgin
Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18-25
& Luke 1:26-38
24-04-2022Gilbert van BuerenJesus is the One: God’s Son
Mark 1:9-11
18-04-2022Willem de MeerLuke 21
10-04-2022Elmer ArentsenMatthew 21:1:11
Untill He comes
03-04-2022Gilbert van BuerenSeries “CO-WORK” #12
Nehemiah 12:27-43
27-03-2022Paul OgutuSeries “CO-WORK” #12
Nehemiah 11
20-03-2022Gilbert van BuerenSeries “CO-WORK” #11
Nehemiah 10
Time for dedication
13-03-2022Willem de MeerSeries “CO-WORK” #11
Nehemiah 9
06-03-2022Trey WellsSeries “CO-WORK” #10
Nehemiah 8:9-18
27-02-2022Gilbert van BuerenSeries “CO-WORK” #9
Nehemiah 8:1-8
Desiring Scripture
20-02-2022Willem de MeerSeries “CO-WORK” #8
Nehemiah 7
The joy of giving
13-02-2022Richmond OforiSeries “CO-WORK” #7
Nehemiah 6
Dealing with animosity
06-02-2022Huub BogaersSeries “CO-WORK” #6
Nehemiah 5
Not forgetting the needy
30-01-2022Karoen PootSeries “CO-WORK” #5
Nehemiah 4
Meeting opposition
23-01-2022Huub BogaersSeries “CO-WORK” #4
Nehemiah 3
Working together
16-01-2022Paul OgutuSeries “CO-WORK” #3
Nehemiah 2:9-20
‘Faith in God’
09-01-2022Trey WellsSeries “CO-WORK” #2
Nehemiah 2:1-8
Continuous prayer
02-01-2022 Gilbert van BuerenSeries “CO-WORK” #1
Nehemiah 1
Facing the facts