As a church we receive request from fellow Christians asking if we can help them to find housing in Eindhoven on a weekly basis. Unfortunately we cannot. We are not affiliated with any housing agencies, and we cannot facilitate you in finding housing. Housing is an issue for everyone in Eindhoven; students, expats, and locals alike.


A WORD OF WARNING. Due to the extreme shortage of housing in the Eindhoven area, scammers are notoriously active on the housing market. If it’s too good to be true, it most probably is! Scammers have been known to ‘rent out’ properties where other people are living, garage boxes with fake photo’s are made up to be apartments, and even non-existing properties are listed. After you pay a substantial amount of money, they disappear; or worse, you come to Eindhoven believing you have a place to stay and then you find out you were scammed. Please be careful!

If you are looking for housing, we suggest you try contacting the following housing agencies and websites. Please note we are not linked to any of these. This list is by no means complete, but it is a start.

Housing agencies and websites:

Student organizations & housing websites


If you are willing to cycle about 10km, you could consider looking for housing in Helmond, Best, Veldhoven, Nuenen, Son, Waalre or one of the other towns around Eindhoven.