Recording Archive 2019

DateSpeaker / SermonTopic / Bible reading
29-Dec-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘The future has already begun’ #1
‘What must soon take place’
Revelation 1:1-11
25-Dec-2019Gilbert van BuerenAdvent Series ‘Enter His Story’ #5
‘Are you like the shepherds?’
Luke 2:8-20
22-Dec-2019Elmer ArentsenAdvent Series ‘Enter His Story’ #4
‘Are you like Mary?’
Luke 1:26-38
15-Dec-2019Gilbert van BuerenAdvent Series ‘Enter His Story’ #3
‘Are you like Elizabeth?’
Luke 1:39-45
08-Dec-2019Alex StewartAdvent Series ‘Enter His Story’ #2
‘Are you like Zechariah?’
Luke 1:5-22
01-Dec-2019Gilbert van BuerenAdvent Series ‘Enter His Story’ #1
‘Are you like Joseph?’
Matthew 1:18-25
24-Nov-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘David’ #12
‘Sovereign grace’
2 Samuel 7
17-Nov-2019Huub BogaersSeries ‘David’ #11
‘The fear of the Lord’
2 Samuel 6
10-Nov-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘David’ #10
‘Learning to grieve’
2 Samuel 1
03-Nov-2019Tomé FernandesSeries ‘David’ #9
‘Grace and generosity’
1 Samuel 30
27-Oct-2019Elmer ArentsenSeries ‘David’ #8
1 Samuel 27
20-Oct-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘David’ #7
1 Samuel 25
13-Oct-2019Ron Cooke Series ‘David’ #6
‘Temptation and testing’
1 Samuel 24
06-Oct-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘David’ #5
‘Fighting the good fight’
1 Samuel 21-22
29-Sep-2019Richmond OforiSeries ‘David’ #4
1 Samuel 18-20
22-Sep-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘David’ #3
‘You are my vision’
1 Samuel 17
15-Sep-2019Jimmy Martin Series ‘David’ #2
‘Work and worship’
1 Samuel 16:14-23
08-Sep-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘David’ #1
‘Being chosen’
1 Samuel 16:1-13
01-Sep-2019Huub Bogaers‘Fellowship’
Philemon 1:1-6
25-Aug-2019Tomé Fernandes‘God’s mission & you’
Matthew 28:16-20
18-Aug-2019Elmer ArentsenRevelations 5
11-Aug-2019Gilbert van Bueren‘The Good Shepherd and the thieves’
John 10:7-16
04-Aug-2019Paul OgutuPsalm 16
28-Jul-2019 Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #14
‘To be the light of the world’
Matthew 5:14-16
21-Jul-2019 Richmond OforiSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #13
‘To build your house on a rock’
Matthew 7:24-29
14-Jul-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #12
‘Not to judge’
Matthew 7:1-6
07-Jul-2019Paul OgutuSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #11
‘To be perfect’
Matthew 5:48
30-Jun-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #10
‘To keep watch’
Matthew 25:1-13
23-Jun-2019Richmond OforiSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #9
‘To pray for workers’
Matthew 9:35-38
16-Jun-2019Elmer Arentsen Series ‘Sent by Jesus’ #8
‘To remain in Him’
John 15:1-8
09-Jun-2019Ron CookeSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #7
‘To disciple the nations’
Matthew 28:19-21
02-Jun-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #6
‘To watch for false prophets’
Matthew 7:15-23
26-May-2019Paul OgutuSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #5
‘To love one another and bear fruit’
John 15:9-18
19-May-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #4
‘To feed His sheep’
John 21:15-19
12-May-2019Jan Poot1 Sam 1:10-13 & 1 Sam 2:1-10
05-May-2019Huub BogaersSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #3
‘To wash one another’s feet’
John 13:1-1-17
28-Apr-2019Alex StewartSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #2
‘As the Father sent Him’
John 20:19-23
21-Apr-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Sent by Jesus’ #1
‘I have seen the Lord!’
John 20:1-18
14-Apr-2019Gilbert van Bueren‘Following the Rider on the Donkey’
John 12:12-19
07-Apr-2019Paul Ogutu‘Die to self and serve Christ’
John 12:20-26
31-Mar-2019Huub Bogaers1 Kings 19:19-21
24-Mar-2019Elmer Arentsen Series ‘Faith in a secular age’ #11
‘Cleansing for the leper’
2 Kings 5:1-14
17-Mar-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Faith in a secular age’ #10
‘God’s news for the poor’
2 Kings 4:1-7
10-Mar-2019Richmond OforiSeries ‘Faith in a secular age’ #9
‘Elijah taken up in heaven’
2 Kings 2:1-18
03-Mar-2019Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Faith in a secular age’ #8
‘Naboth’s vineyard’
1 Kings 21
24-Feb-2019Gilbert van Bueren
(not available)
Series ‘Faith in a secular age’ #7
‘Elijah – Watchman of the covenant’
Malachi 4
17-Feb-2019 Gilbert van BuerenSeries ‘Faith in a secular age’ #6
‘A still small voice’
1 Kings 19:9-18
10-Feb-2019Paul OgutuSeries ‘Faith in a secular age’ #5
‘I have had enough’
1 Kings 19:1-9
03-Feb-2019Jimmy MartinSeries ‘Faith in a secular age’ #4
‘Confrontation on Mount Carmel’
1 Kings 18:19-45
27-Jan-2019David PackerEphesians 1:1-14
20-Jan-2019Gilbert van Bueren Series ‘Faith in a secular age’ #3
‘The servant of the Lord’
1 Kings 18:1-18
13-Jan-2019Huub Bogaers Series ‘Faith in a secular age’ #2
‘Raising the widow’s son’
1 Kings 17:7-24
06-Jan-2019Gilbert van Bueren Series ‘Faith in a secular age’ #1
‘Do we still need to repent?’
1 Kings 16:29 – 1 Kings 17:6