Confidential Contact Person

As a church, we want to provide a safe place for everyone. At the same time, we know that -wherever people interact with each other- situations of insecurity can unfortunately arise. That is why we provide you with the contact details of an external person of trust. They can be contacted specifically in cases of leadership abuse of power within the congregation (think of bullying, aggression, threats, sexual harassment, discrimination). 

What is the role of the confidential contact person?

The confidential contact persons can provide a listening ear and first point of contact. They can give or seek information and advice on steps to take, and provide support in mediation, in referral (e.g. to pastoral care or counseling) or in filing a complaint. If consultation is needed, the confidential contact person can (only with the consent of the reporter!) contact the Confidential Advisors Network, the Leadership Code of Conduct Foundation or the Abuse Report Center. Any follow-up steps are chosen and implemented by the reporter.

What is the position of the confidential contact person?

Confidential contact persons work completely independently and treat all entrusted information confidentially. They do not speak on behalf of the Board of Elders and are not part of it. However, they do report annually to the Board of Elders how often they have been called upon. No information is released on content or persons, at most on subject matter.

Who are the confidential contact persons?

They are Jellien Westerink from Baptist church Harderwijk and Bert Veneberg from Baptist Church Ede Op Doortocht.

How can the confidential contact persons be reached?

They can be contacted via This email will go to both contact persons mentioned above.