Children’s Church

During Sunday worship service, the children who are in the age of the primary school (4-12 years) can take part in Children’s Church. In Children’s Church, the children are taught from the Bible on their own level.

All children start the Sunday service in the church room with their parents. After singing some songs and a Children’s Talk, the children gather in another room for their own moment of worship. Often we sings Kid’s worship songs, accompanied by a guitar player. After the worship, the children split up in two classes.

Three age groups

There is creche for children from 0-3, the Junior class is for children in the age of 4-7, and the Senior class for children in the age of 8-12. In the Junior class, the emphasis is on learning the Bible stories. We often read a story from the Children’s Bible, or watch an animated bible story. After the Bible story, there is time activities: a game, a craft, or occasionally playing outside in the playground area across the street.

The children in the Senior class read the same stories from the bible as the Juniors, but go deeper into the material and try to understand what these stories mean to us. We often proceed with a group discussion, a simple Bible study assignment or a game.

When the worship service has ended, parents can pick up their children in the Children’s Church rooms.

Language in Children’s Church

Most children that visit IBC either speak their mother tongue and Dutch, but not necessarily English. For this reason, the lessons in Children’s Church are in Dutch most of the time. In the case that children do not speak Dutch but English, we switch to a dual-language lesson.

King’s Kids

On some Sundays, a special worship service is organized with special attention to the children: King’s Kids. On these Sundays, the children stay in the church room with their parents. Children are offered worksheets that align with the theme of the service so that they may also take part in the preaching.

Annual picnic

Traditionally, the church season is ended with a grand picnic in a nearby play parc, De Splinter. The picnic is for all who attend church, not just the children! All children look forward to this event, with all their church friends and family.


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