Worship Service

Join us to worship our Lord Jesus Christ during our worship service every Sunday morning, from 10:30 am in church. We hope to welcome you during the service and meet with you during fellowship after the service. The Church address is “Het Lichtpunt”, Geestakker 546 in Eindhoven. Find more information about speakers and other events during the worship service in our Agenda.


During the worship service, there is a creche for babies and pre-school children (0-3 years), and children’s church for primary school children (4-12 years). The children start the worship service in the church room with their parents and leave for creche and children’s church after the children’s talk.


During the worship service, you can donate either in cash or by using the Tikkie app. Donations made with the Tikkie app are tax deductible.


Every third Sunday of the month we celebrate holy communion. Everyone who confesses Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and confesses that Jesus has died for their sins and has risen from the dead is welcome to participate.

Fellowship meal

Every first Sunday of the month, we have our fellowship meal with a potluck lunch. Many attendees bring a dish to share, often from their home countries.