The Promises of God

From September to December 2019 our children in Children’s Church have studied the Old Testament through the ages. They have learned through stories and crafts how God keeps His promises, and how He uses ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things.

A timeline of promises

The children made a timeline to learn how history unfolds and shows important events. Right at the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, followed by the history of Noah and the promise God made to never destroy the earth with water again, which in turn made way for the promises God made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Through history God uses regular people like Rahab, Boas, and Ruth to show His promises to His people. All His promises come together and are fulfilled in the birth of Christ Jesus.

The junior and senior classes have both created a timeline showing the promises of God. They worked on this every week, resulting in beautiful artwork showing how God keeps His promises.

Timeline made by the Junior Class
Timeline made by the Senior Class

God’s promises continue

In the new year our children will continue to learn about the promises God made and kept during the history of the New Testament.

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