Is Jesus Christ on vacation?

My normal life rhythm stops during vacation. This morning I am enjoying a long and lazy breakfast with coffee and freshly baked croissants, and then slowly the time comes to decide what to do today.

Church things are on my mind. I’m writing this piece for the newsletter. I received an e-mail about the small groups which will start in September. The question is if I want to join, what my part could be, and if I would like to consider to come to the first meeting? I have also been looking at the Children’s Church schedule to think about some of the activities we could do for the senior group. It makes me smile to be active for the Lord.

I need Him every day, especially during my vacation and it blesses me that He needs me too. I once read that a missionary met another missionary at a campground. The first one asked how many times the missionary friend had the possibility to explain the gospel to people at the campground. The missionary replied: “Zero, and I am not planning to do so because I am on vacation.” Astonished the missionary looked toward the other and murmured, “How is that possible? Christ isn’t on vacation either.”

And that is the Truth, Christ is with us always. On vacation I often sing “How great Thou art” overlooking the sea and enjoying my family and the company of friends. This morning I read second Timothy, a beautiful message from Paul to Timothy to keep pressing on in the faith. God has given my answer for the small groups through this letter. And listening to the Spirit I received some ideas for Children’s Church. We are blessed that our God is not on vacation. He hears our prayers everywhere and every time. My prayers are filled with blessings and recovery time for our pastor, other preachers and our missionaries. May there be a time of rest and a time to consider what to do next.


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