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A Christian family away from home

Isn’t that the slogan of our church? To call Christians in from the corners of the street? Those who live in the Eindhoven region and are far away from their place of birth can join for worship, biblical truth and friendly advice. Sometimes even deep friendships start to grow, but the goodbye part is always so hard. Some expats have left their grown-up children behind because work or another duty called them to Eindhoven. Some newlyweds left their parents because of study, and afterwards stayed in Eindhoven for a job. Some go through weddings preparations and pregnancies by themselves because they are far from their families. I am glad we can be there for them as a church.

But aren’t we all far away from home? From our spiritual and heavenly home? Aren’t we all physically separated from the One who loves us the most? We know God is faithful, we know we are His children, but what if this solid faith starts to crack during different periods of our lives? What if you feel like you’re alone in trying to serve the Lord in this crazy world? What if your marriage is not what you expected? Huub Bogaers spoke boldly about this topic in a recent sermon. If this happens, what can we do as a church? Who are you going to talk to?

There are different groups at our church where we can share our lives: there is an iron men bible study group, two women’s groups, and recently three new fellowship groups started. But as I follow on the internet (as you know from my previous blogs), on teachings about reviving our hearts, one of the speakers said that “wimpy theology makes wimpy followers.” I don’t want that for myself. Don’t we all need a solid foundation of Truth? Just write me an e-mail if you know you are wimpy and want to become stronger in the Lord. We need each other and we will be praying for this to happen at IBC Eindhoven.


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